United news of Ukraine about charity project “Ukrainian face”

пластичні операції в україні під час війни

Nowadays a great country Ukraine stands for its will and truth in the war started by the Russian Federation. Ukraine has already got great losses. Ukrainian people are suffering from bombings. People are losing their homes, their beauty of faces, their health and even their lives.

Ukrainian plastic and reconstructive surgeon Anastasia Ignatieva founded the charity project “Ukrainian face”. The TV project “United News of Ukraine” made a plot about a surgical charity project. The surgeon Anastasia comments on what the project is and what its purpose is.

The “Ukrainian face” project gives victims a chance to start living again. Anastasia Ignatieva provides surgical care to Ukrainians, restoring their faces. Anastasia “erases the traces of war” from the faces of the Ukrainian people. In addition, the charity project helps victims find new housing, supplies medicine, food and psychological assistance.

Currently, Anastasia Ignatieva’s project “Ukrainian face” has become the most popular military medical charity project in Ukraine and is spreading abroad. This project is the main support of the affected population of Ukraine.

The project is charitable, so each affected person can get help for free, just send a photo of Anastasia Ignatieva to the social network Instagram: dr_ignatieva, as well as send a statement from the hospital where immediate care was provided.

Support the Ukrainian Face project and save another future!