Interview on 102 FM radio station about the “Ukrainian Face” project


Radio Wave 102.1 FM interviewed Anastasia Ignatieva, chief surgeon of the “Ukrainian Face” project. In this interview, the surgeon shared the difficulties she had to go through in the first days and first months of the war. What motivated her and her team to help people injured in the war.

The interview took place from the French capital, where Anastasia Ignatieva presented the project “Ukrainian Face” at one of the largest congresses of doctors in 2022 at IMCAS.

The activities of the foundation continue to be actively covered in the media space of Ukraine. TV channels 1 + 1 and ICTV attracted the attention of Ukrainians in plots about the project “Ukrainian Face” so as many as possible people could learn about saving future in the capital of Ukraine and receive specialized surgical care for free.

The project exists at the expense of the clinic fund. Anyone wishing to contribute can do so through