The project “Ukrainian face” that was founded by Doctor Ignatyev Foundation


The Doctor Ignatyev Foundation, founded by Ignatyev Gennady Vasilyevich, founded Ukrainian face project.

On February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation began to start a full -scale war on Ukraine. The country carries enormous economic losses, and the worst population of Ukraine is destroying. Everyone will receive serious physical and psychological injuries.

The Doctor Ignatyev Foundation created a charity project “Ukrainian face”, which gives a chance to people who received physical and psychological injuries to live again. This project provides free surgical assistance to people who have been injured. Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Anastasia Ignatieva, who is co-founder of project, perform the most difficult reconstruction of people’s face, collecting them piece by piece. The project “Ukrainian face” enables the victims to recognize themselves in the mirror again and erases “traces of war”. Every victim can get help for free, you only need to send a photo to Anastasia’s social network Instagram: Dr_ignatieva, as well as send a statement from a hospital that was provided with immediate assistance.

In addition to surgical care, The Doctor Ignatyev Foundation provides psychological support for patients, support for patients with patients, provides accommodation, nutrition and all patient rehabilitation period.

Help the project to help as many victims as possible! Send donations for the benefit of the Ukrainian nation and every single life affected by the war🇺🇦