“The happy future of the victim Marina Koliy saved”


14-year-old Marina Koliy, a native of Chuguev, came under fire. Her face was mutilated. Doctors provided her with first aid to save her life in Kharkiv region. However, little Marina had more than 10 large scars on her face, a few shrapnel and, worst of all, her left eyebrow moved up her forehead. The girl began to live in the basement and was afraid to look at herself in the mirror.

The Ukrainian Face project and its founder Anastasia Ignatieva were able to help Marina erase the “traces of war” from her face. The girl underwent the first two weeks of treatment and surgery. Part of the fragments of the cheek was removed, the symmetry of the eyebrows was aligned, part of the scars were removed.

The total cost of the operation and rehabilitation amounted to US 4,742 of which:

-Part of the funds was covered by the City Doctor clinic, where the operation took place (a discount of US 1,354 was made)

-Surgical intervention was performed by surgeon Ignatieva free of charge, so the girl received a discount for the operation itself in the amount of US 2,032

-Accommodation in Kyiv in the idea hotel, which acted as partners of the project was provided at a discount for the family of Marina Koliy

-Legal protection of the child, support during surgical treatment, was provided at a discount by Grishakov law company

The Dr. Ignatiev Foundation covered the medical treatment of the girl in the clinic during the treatment phase, laboratory and histological examinations and CT diagnostics of the face in the amount of US 691, accommodation for the family US 186,30 

This assistance was provided at the expense of funds received from charitable contributions.Separately, we want to note that half of the amount of medication was sent to one of the patients of surgeon Ignatieva, a native of Kharkiv.

Before the operation, Anastasia Ignatieva took a word from little Marina that she would learn even more, because she is now beginning a new happy life.

Dr. Ignatieva commented that she wants to show Marina and all people that everything is possible in this life!

The operation was successful. The girl is recovering very quickly. A happy future awaits Marina Koliy.

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