Popular publication “Komsomolskaya Pravda” about the national project “Ukrainian face”


The journalist of the electronic edition of the “Komsomolska Pravda” interviewed the founder of the project “Faces of Ukrainians” surgeon Anastasia Ignatieva about how the doctor returns their faces to injured Ukrainians. The doctor spoke about the difficulties she faced and why this project is so important:

“They (patients) do not know where to live now, what to eat, where to work. This is the biggest difficulty. Under such circumstances, the face is not so important thing. However, when people hear they can be helped, they, of course, feel some relief, joy. The burnt person learns that there are some stairs that allow you to get out of grief.

Of course, when the scars look neat, people are happy and can look at themselves in the mirror without tears, because before that they could not see their reflection. “

Read more in the interview of KP in Ukraine

“Surgeon Anastasia Ignatieva: We restore the faces of those who suffered in the war for free”

Surgeon Ignatieva emphasizes that most often patients are treated with injuries to half of the face – tears of the cheeks, injuries of the nose, forehead, ears, neck. Such injuries are the result of shrapnel in an attempt to save his life.

Anastasia Ignatieva calls on all concerned to join in saving the lives of war victims. Let’s support our people together with humanitarian aid. Even 10 dollars now bring opportunity to present a new and happy future for people.

We thank the popular publication KP for disseminating information about the project “Face of the Ukrainian”. The unity of Ukrainians is incredible now.

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