If you have a facial injury and need surgical care, the doors of our clinic are open for you!

Who can get help?

  • If you are an adult, woman or man, and have suffered a facial injury that requires surgical treatment, you can receive free facial reconstruction assistance with the mandatory condition of publishing the treatment process.
  • Your parents and your children, regardless of age, are entitled to free assistance under the Face of a Ukrainian project.
  • If you are a military officer you can receive surgical care of any part of the body free of charge with the preservation of all confidential information without disclosing any information about your treatment.
  • Regardless of religion, origin, profession, gender, age, if you have evidence of the genesis of trauma due to military aggression in Russia or Belarus (photo-video evidence, or hospital discharge), you will receive all necessary treatment absolutely free.

What help can you get for free

Laboratory tests
CT scan of the head
Preoperative studies
Consultation of a plastic surgeon
Consultation with an anesthesiologist
Drug treatment in the clinic
Accommodation in the ward
Food in the clinic
Plastic surgery to restore the face
Rehabilitation and dressings

Unfortunately, we receive a lot of requests for treatment. And we dream when the war is over, to get fewer photos from people in need of reconstruction.

All photos were sent to Instagram dr_ignatieva from victims of the war to receive assistance under the project “Face of the Ukrainian” automatically get in line for treatment without any legal conflicts. And many other patients are sending photos of war-torn faces. We are waiting for all patients in Kyiv for treatment and we are proud that we have already operated on some of all requests!

Together to victory! Glory to Ukraine!