“Grishakov law company” is charity partner of the “UKRAINIAN FACE” project


On May 15, 2022, Oleksandr Hryshakov’s law firm “Grishakov law company” joined as a charitable partner and friend in the project “FACE OF UKRAINE”

In 2013, medical lawyer Oleksandr Grishakov founded the Grishakov Law Company. One of the main directions of the company is “medical law”.

Within the framework of the project, Grishakov law company will work to ensure the legality of the procedure both on the part of the medical institution and on the part of the patient, so that all treatment and support processes are carried out within the legal framework in accordance with current legislation. Legal support is very important in wartime. This is the personal protection of the patient as well as the doctor.

Comment of the founder of the law firm Alexander Grishakov: “We, as a law firm will work to be a guarantor of safe and legal medicine, which is the legal support of all medical services and will help with the processes, both medical and patient, respectively to the current legislation. “

We would like to express our gratitude to the esteemed Alexander Grishakov for his decision to help and save lives. This is exactly how Ukrainians help Ukrainians.

Ukrainians, let’s go together to victory.